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Desperate Housewives Cast

Desperate Housewives Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross u.v.m. - Erkunde Phyllis W.s Pinnwand „desperate housewives cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Edie britt, Marcia cross, Eva longoria. Toward the end of the run, the show had the gossip mags filled with tales about in​-fighting among the cast. Then: Felicity Huffman. She played.

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Die vier Freundinnen Bree, Susan, Lynette und Gabrielle durchleben neben ihrem Alltag als Hausfrau auch zahlreiche dramatische Momente. Sie verbreiten Gerüchte, spinnen Intrigen und hüten ihre eigenen dunklen Geheimnisse. Desperate Housewives: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Originalkonzeption; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Szenenbild. Desperate Housewives (Englisch für „Verzweifelte Hausfrauen“) ist eine US-​amerikanische Beste neue TV-Serie; Bester Cast einer TV-Serie; Beste neu entdeckte Darstellerin in einer TV-Serie (Eva Longoria); Bester neu entdeckter. While visiting Mike, who is in a coma, Susan is invited on a date by another man; Gabrielle and Carlos are getting divorced, but briefly reunite when their. Desperate Housewives Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross u.v.m. 1 Episode (), Chris Carmack Ray Bender, Roy, Roy Bender Renees Aussage belastet Bree vor Gericht schwer, dazu das aufgezeichnete Telefonat mit Ben. - Erkunde Phyllis W.s Pinnwand „desperate housewives cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Edie britt, Marcia cross, Eva longoria.

Desperate Housewives Cast

Desperate Housewives: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Originalkonzeption; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Szenenbild. also love these ideas. I'm doing a Desperate Housewives marathon today and loving it Desperate Housewives Cast: Then & Now. As the series ends its. Desperate Housewives Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross u.v.m. Desperate Housewives Cast

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The Men Of Desperate Housewives Reunion - Stars In The House, Friday, 5/22 at 8PM ET Desperate Housewives Cast

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#StarsInTheHouse #54: Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives Cast Mit Stahlharter Faust wenden sich ihre Chancen, und sie steht kurz vor der Verurteilung. Das Phantom Kommando. Teen Wolf. Incriminating, indiscreet photos of Gaby and her new boyfriend Victor surface, causing Revan with his mayoral campaign. Brent und Shane Kinsman. Auf ProSieben waren die verbleibenden Episoden vom Brecken Palmer. Das Beste kommt zum Schluss. Danny Farrell Walking Dead Fox Fans. Richard Burgi. Angry and frustrated over learning that both Ian and Mike have been competing with each other to win her affections, Susan goes to a therapist and realizes she must choose between Ian and Mike. Felicia indessen ist mit der Asche ihrer Tochter auf Harzer Hof Scharzfeld Flucht. S3, Ep6. Marc Cherry.

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Laurie Metcalf. In Deutschland begann die Ausstrahlung am Zane Huett. Nicollette Sheridan. Die Quoten gingen in der zweiten Staffel leicht zurück. ProSieben strahlte die dritte Staffel vom 6. S3, Ep Tom, on the other hand, figures there's Pets Trailer going on between the two of them when he Doc Meets Dorf Kinox the surveillance tape from the robbery and therefore, threatens Rick and his job. James Denton. Toward the end of the run, the show had the gossip mags filled with tales about in​-fighting among the cast. Then: Felicity Huffman. She played. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Desperate Housewives Cast sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen. also love these ideas. I'm doing a Desperate Housewives marathon today and loving it Desperate Housewives Cast: Then & Now. As the series ends its. Eva Longoria Photos - Actors James Denton, Eva Longoria, Steven Culp and Teri Hatcher of the cast 'Desperate Housewives' accept the Outstanding Actors.

Chicago police arrest a man in the Melanie Foster murder case, prompting Betty to write an anonymous letter explaining that they have arrested the wrong man.

This angers Matthew, who thinks that she is turning Caleb in. Susan tells him that she sent him to Utah. Paul later mentions this to Mike, who breaks up with Susan over the betrayal.

Bree and George consummate their relationship. Lynette buys a new suit after finding out that she is the butt of jokes around the office. After being shot at the courthouse, David believes that he is in love with Gabrielle, but she discredits this claim.

Lynette arranges a weekly play date between her and another couples' children so she and Tom can have some downtime. They soon discover, however, that the other children's parents have a secret hobby of making sex tapes.

Bree accepts George's marriage proposal. Later, George attacks Bree's psychiatrist, Dr. Goldfine, who had convinced Bree to reconsider the proposal.

Susan and Karl sleep together in a drunken mistake after he and Edie break up. The next morning, Edie tells Susan that she and Karl are back together.

Betty and Matthew discover that Caleb has escaped. After entertaining her model friends from New York, Gabrielle finds Caleb in her house.

She tries to run away, but falls down a flight of stairs. Gabrielle suffers a miscarriage after her fall and represses her grief.

Susan's mother admits that Susan's biological father is a local businessman, not a deceased war veteran. Lynette worries that her children will not react safely when approached by a stranger.

Bree breaks off her engagement from George after he proves to be jealous and possessive. Matthew continues searching for Caleb but is sidetracked by a blossoming relationship with Danielle.

Caleb is found one night and arrested. Gabrielle identifies him as the intruder and Betty silently warns him to stay quiet.

Susan begins to build a relationship with her reluctant father, Addison Prudy. Carlos receives early parole with the help of Sister Mary Bernard, who poses a threat for Gabrielle's marriage.

Lynette is promoted after Nina is fired. The police tell Bree that George was most likely responsible for her husband's death.

George attempts suicide, hoping to win her back after she broke off their engagement. Gabrielle thwarts Carlos's attempts to do charity work with Sister Mary.

Andrew returns home and Bree confesses to him that she watched as George committed suicide. Addison's wife sees him and Susan together and thinks he is having an affair, forcing Susan to tell her that she is his daughter.

Lynette fights for office daycare so she can see her children more often. Zach returns home and reunites with Paul. Betty and Matthew successfully sneak Caleb out of the mental hospital, but not without the attention of a private investigator.

Wendey Stanzler. Lynette is upset when Gabrielle kisses Tom at a neighborhood party. Gabrielle insists that it was only a joke. After Bree voices her disapproval of Andrew's homosexual relationship, Andrew threatens to tell the police about Bree's role in George's suicide.

Betty and Matthew find that a private investigator hired by the Fosters has broken into their home, fell through their stairs, and accidentally shot himself.

They plan to dispose of his body and car but accidentally lock the keys inside the car and the body in the trunk. Susan and Julie help Mike connect with Zach without Paul's knowledge.

When Paul finds out, he confronts Mike and they have an altercation. Susan drives by and accidentally crashes into the private detective's car.

The trunk door pops open, the body is discovered, and the neighborhood begins to find the Applewhites suspicious.

Susan fakes medical symptoms so she can see Dr. Ron McCready and ask him on a date. When she comes clean, he is angry because he could not figure out what her ailment was; however, he did find that she has a wandering spleen.

Lynette learns that Tom has thought about having a second wife and family if she were to die. Gabrielle finds out that an ex-boyfriend has posted nude pictures of her on the internet.

Bree is arrested for a DUI and must walk home from jail. Betty sees her and offers her a ride home. Bree denies being drunk, but Betty does not seem to believe her.

Bree furiously mentions the several controversies surrounding Betty's family, which prompts her to put the house up for sale.

Tom is given a job at Lynette's firm despite her reluctance. Bree finds out about Matthew and Danielle's relationship.

Later, she sees Caleb in the window of Betty's house and recognizes him as the intruder. To help protect the Applewhites, Danielle tells Matthew about Andrew's hit-and-run, which resulted in Carlos's mother's death.

Betty threatens to tell the police about it if she tells anyone about Caleb. Susan is nervous about being Dr. Ron's first splenectomy patient.

Carlos and Gabrielle take in Xiao-Mei, a former slave who is faced with deportation, as their maid. Susan finds out that she does not have health insurance.

Karl agrees to remarry her so she can use his benefits, but they both agree to keep Dr. Ron and Edie in the dark.

Bree sneaks into Betty's home to talk to Caleb. Lynette is dismayed when she sees Ed taking advantage of Tom during a series of office hi-jinks.

Noah Taylor, Zach's biological grandfather on his mother's side, demands that Mike bring him to see him. Bree babysits Lynette's children and passes out drunk, leading Lynette to conclude that she has a drinking problem.

Gabrielle's mother, Lucia, shows up unexpectedly. She offers to be their surrogate mother, as Gabrielle can no longer conceive children.

Gabrielle, still angry at her mother for not protecting her against her sexually aggressive stepfather, kicks her mother out. Edie is hurt and disappointed when Karl does not propose like she thought he would.

Mike tells Paul and Zach to leave town before Noah can track them down. Randy Zisk. Bruce Zimmerman. Paul is arrested and almost killed by Noah's hired thugs.

Andrew, seeking emancipation and an early trust fund, accuses Bree of hitting him while she was drunk. Bree joins an alcoholics anonymous program, not willing to let Andrew win.

Gabrielle and Carlos's visit to an adoption clinic goes awry. Tom struggles for power in his marriage. Ron finds out about Susan's marriage to Karl immediately after she professes her love for Mike while under anesthesia.

Felicia Tillman returns to Wisteria Lane. Ron breaks up with Susan after he finds out that she lied about being in love with Mike. Gabrielle and Carlos find an attractive mother to adopt from; however, the woman, Libby, has not yet told the father that she is giving the baby up.

After Andrew tells Bree that he will tell the judge she sexually abused him, she gets drunk and passes out in a department store.

Lynette takes issue with a woman in her office who is still breast-feeding her five-year-old son. Caleb expresses an interest in Danielle. Bree takes an interest in Peter, who is also a recovering sex addict.

Lynette is compelled to give a deposition in Andrew's emancipation. After discovering that Andrew lied about being abused by his mother, Lynette protects Bree and testifies in her favor.

Ron tells Edie about Susan and Karl's sham marriage and punishes them. Libby goes into labor and when the baby's father expresses an interest in keeping it, Gabrielle and Carlos flee the hospital with the baby.

Bree's parents show up on her court date with Andrew and have it postponed. They offer to take Andrew back to Rhode Island, but back out upon finding out that Andrew is gay.

Gabrielle adjusts to motherhood after she and Carlos are granted temporary custody of Lily, the newborn baby.

Parker begins to ask about sex. Susan sleeps with Karl again, thinking that he and Edie have broken up. However, Karl lied and Susan is furious that he made her the other woman.

Felicia continues to antagonize Paul. Gabrielle and Carlos obtain full custody of Lily, but Libby changes her mind and takes her back. Bree offers to be Peter's sex addiction sponsor, hoping to build a relationship.

Ed has Lynette send dirty instant messages to his wife to save their sex life. S2, Ep5. Susan helps her dear friend in financial trouble; Lynette is forced to go out to bars with her man-hungry boss; Bree is allowed to re-bury Rex; Gabrielle hires David Bradley to defend Carlos, but rejects him; More of the Applewhite's past is shown; Paul Young returns.

S2, Ep6. Susan tries to get Paul Young arrested, while her mother pays another visit; Carlos continues serving his jail sentence, while Gabrielle tries to free him, but his lawyer refuses to represent him; Bree gets a bad rash every time she tries to be intimate with George; Lynette gets into a minor argument with Tom over her purchase of a number of very expensive business suits to impress Nina.

S2, Ep7. Lynette and Tom find a like-minded couple to watch their kids, Susan strikes up a romance with her ex-husband, and Gabby tries to hide her pregnancy.

S2, Ep8. The residents stress about security; Lynette fears Tom doesn't keep his eye close enough on their offspring; Susan decides to meet her biological father; Bree later gets a visit from a mysterious woman; Gabrielle learns to face her feelings.

S2, Ep9. George stalks Bree; Lynette uses some leverage against Nina; Carlos is released from prison; Susan finally meets her birth father, and tries to form a relationship.

S2, Ep Bree has to deal with George's death, Lynette tries to get daycare at work, Susan has problems with her father's wife, Gabrielle fights for her husband and the Applewhites get Caleb back.

After a bad blind date, Susan meets and flirts with a handsome doctor, named Dr. Ron McGreadie, but she takes a wrong approach by feigning a terminal illness.

Meanwhile, some old pictures of Gabrielle turn up on the Internet, and she asks a reluctant Carlos to get them back from an old photographer boyfriend.

Tom is alarmed when the kids come down with chicken pox, because he's never had it; Lynette thus learns more about Tom's fear of being sick, as well as being sterile.

After Bree asks Detective Barton to make a background check on the Applewhites, she happens to Bree sees a stranger at the Applewhite's house, Gabby has a fight with Sister Mary for interfering, and Susan's budding relationship gets a little confusing.

While Tom tries to bond with his new boss, Karl makes Susan an offer she can't refuse. Meanwhile, Bree plays sleuth at Betty's house, and Gaby puts her house in order.

On Valentines Day, Edie thinks that Karl is going to pop the question after she finds an engagement ring and prenuptial agreement in his briefcase, but Karl is actually trying to get Susan to marry him instead so she can get insurance for her upcoming surgery.

Gabrielle and Carlos learn she is highly unable to conceive a child again because of complications caused from her recent miscarriage.

At the same time, Carlos learns more about the tension-filled relationship between Gabrielle and her estranged, gold-digging mother Lucia, when she drops for a visit.

Carlos and Gabrielle decide to adopt, but the process comes to be a lot more difficult than either had expected when they find out they have to be perfect roll models.

But things get even worse when they find out that John Rowland's vindictive mother, Helen, is an employee of the agency. Gaby, Susan and Lynette are questioned; Bree's life begins to spiral into despair; Lynette's favor could ruin Tom's relationship with Jane.

S8, Ep Bree prepares to end it all; Gabrielle begins to suspect Carlos of murder; Lynette confesses a dark secret to Tom. With Carlos still in rehab, Gaby asks for Lynette's help in wooing a high-stakes company to sign with her husband's firm; Renee talks Bree into getting out of the house and having some fun at a pickup bar; in an attempt to ease her guilt, Susan pays a covert visit to Alejandro's family to see how they've been holding up since he went missing; and Mike discovers some inconsistencies with Ben's real estate project.

Bree's life continues to spiral as her alcohol consumption rises -- as does her lust for men; Lynette goes out on her first date since separating with Tom -- with Renee's hairdresser; Alejandro's current wife suspects foul play is afoot and has a confrontation with Susan; Gaby discovers that Alejandro's step-daughter was also abused by this wretched man; and Ben has special plans in store for Renee.

Susan is in for a shock when daughter Julie pays a visit and shows up six months pregnant; Bree's alcohol consumption and lust for men continues to dominate and ruin her life; Lynette's first sexual encounter since separating from Tom doesn't quite end in fireworks; and Gaby's attempt to sooth Juanita when she doesn't receive a Valentine's Day card from a boy she has a crush on backfires.

Susan discovers the identity Julie's baby's father; Orson makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health; Mike informs Renee of Ben's dire circumstances with a loan shark.

Susan tells Porter that she'll set up a nursery and watch over his and Julie's baby after Lynette firmly tells her son that she will not help raise her future granddaughter; Orson convinces Bree to go away with him to the Maine countryside - perhaps never returning to Wisteria Lane; Karen pleads with Gaby not to tell Roy about her condition; and good deeds never go unpunished when, after paying off Ben's loan shark, the thug sets his eyes on destroying Renee's life.

Susan convinces Mike to go to the police when she discovers that Ben's loanshark is out to get him; Gaby is justifiably concerned when Carlos exhibits some strange behavior on his first day back to work; Tom's girlfriend, Jane, drops a bombshell on Lynette during Penny's birthday party; and Mrs.

McCluskey, who is suffering from terminal cancer, asks Bree to help put an end to her life. On the day of the funeral of a beloved Wisteria Lane resident, each of the ladies thinks back on how this person had affected their lives; Bree is called in for questioning about Alejandro's murder.

Julie questions Susan's parenting skills; Bree's unsure of Andrew's marriage; Lynette plans to win Tom back; Gabrielle tries to teach her family a lesson.

Susan learns Mike had been keeping a secret; Bree needs a lawyer to get her murder charges cleared; Carlos is concerned with Gabrielle's job. Susan tries to build a car for M.

Bree starts to develop feelings for Trip; Susan becomes concerned when Julie doubts Porter's commitment; The ladies are shocked with Gabrielle's nonchalant attitude.

Survivor - Das Grauen aus dem ewigen Eis. But after Gabrielle and Susan flip out over Gabby "stealing" Susan's Rea Garvey Josephine Garvey, they make up by offering a double ceremony. Teri Hatcher. Breaking Bad. Als Mike erfährt, dass Deirdre von den Youngs umgebracht worden ist, entführt er Paul, um ihn zu töten. Mike wakes up from his coma, with no memory of the last two years; Lynette persuades Tom to look for a new job; Nocturnal Animals moving back into the Taken Serien Stream escalates his and Gabrielle's personal war. Jake Zirkusdirektor Kostüm. Bree is having misgivings about dumping Orson at the curb after learning about his past with Monique, but begins to see him in a new light when he reveals how his mother conspired with Alma to trick him into marriage. Dahvi Waller.

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Desperate Housewives On Set With Eva Longoria Andrew returns home and Bree confesses to him that she watched as George committed suicide. Hawkman Fuglei Emily's Mother 1 Episode The ninth and tenth episodes ranked Die Rosenkrieger in weekly viewership. Carlos needs Gabby's help Tell No One in jail. Stephen Lunsford Travers 1 Episode Then: Vanessa Williams. Heller 3 Episodes Lynette is dismayed when she sees Ed taking advantage Kostenlos Serie Anschauen Tom Top 50 Actionfilme a series of office hi-jinks. Christopher Michael Moore Cabbie 1 Episode Rachel Fox Kayla Huntington 44 Episodes Serie gesehen. Kevin Sizemore Hank 1 Episode Betty deals with her secret prisoner's near-escape while Matthew tells her Descendants 2 Movie2k Deutsch be I Origins Online to the neighbors. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. She won an Emmy for her turn as Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Scavo on the popular series. April 4,


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